How can I register in ProB@nking?

You can complete your registration for the service at the nearest office of ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD. Registration is fast and easy and you only need to show your personal ID card.

How do I access ProB@nking?

It is necessary to enter your username and the password provided by the bank. Upon initial login, you will be required to change your password.

What the minimum technical requirements for the operating system and the browser I am using?

Operating system - Windows 7, LINUX

Internet browser - Internet Explorer 11.0, Edge 14.0, Chrome 60.0, Opera 46.0, Firefox 54.0

What do I do if I forget my user name and/or password?

Check if the user name you have entered is the same as the user name in your Registration Form. Make sure you that when you enter your user name/password you fulfil the requirements for lower/upper case in the Latin alphabet and digits. In case you fail to remember your data for access, contact us on telephone 0700 170 70 or *7000 and our expert will help you solve the problem.

How can I perform active operations (transfers) through ProB@nking?

To be able to make transfers through ProB@nking, you need to have selected, at the time of your registration, to have rights at for active operations. When making active operations , the orders are signed with a SMS code. Transfers between your own private individual/legal entity accounts, which have been made via ProB@nking and regardless of the size of the amount, can be made without authorization through SMS code.

What access rights are available in ProB@nking?

You can register in the system authorised persons with one of the following types of rights:

  • Full rights;
  • Limited rights and operating up to a chosen limit including joint order 
  • Deposit rights;
  • Rights for the uploading of documents and obtaining reference information;
  • Rights to obtain reference information.

The last two types of rights can be administered by the users automatically, directly via ProB@nking without having to visit an office of the Bank.

Can more than one authorised persons operate online with the accounts?

You can register an unlimited number of persons with authorised access and specific rights. Each person will receive their individual user name and password and their rights will be defined according your specific needs.

Why are some transactions in “Movement and copy” tab marked with with status "Rejected"?

A transaction with status "Rejected" has been returned by the bank due to a processing error. You can see the error message generated by the system by clicking on the name of the beneficiary. 

Can more than one person sign a document?

You can define a form of group signature, in this way you ensuring your money is secure. The group signature includes two persons and, to make a transaction, both persons included in the group signature need to sign the particular document.

Can I define limits for the authorised persons when they sign documents?

ProB@nking allows for defining limits per transaction for any authorized person.

Do I have to confirm every transaction with a separate tan code?

For your convenience, you can confirm several transactions together with one code. To do so you need to:

  • Create separate payments
  • Check the payments you want to confirm with one code and proceed.

How can I block my card?

For blocking your card you could use menu "Cards", Blocкing / Activation button. Using this functionality is unlimited. In case of a stolen or lost card you should request issuing a new card.

How can I confirm a payment with an SMS code?

To confirm transfers by using an SMS code you need to follow the steps below:

  • When you press the button “Sign and send” summarised information about the transfer and a field for entering your SMS code will appear on screen.
  • The system will send to your mobile phone, the number of which you have entered on registration, a notification containing a code for confirmation and details about the transfer.

Compare the details with those of the system, enter the confirmation code in the field and press “Sign and send”.

How much time do I have to confirm a transfer with an SMS code?

Up to 10 minutes after you receive the SMS notification with the confirmation code.

Why does a text message which contains a confirmation code also contain the amount and the account IBAN?

This way of formulating and sending of the information gives you the following advantages:

  • convenience – you know precisely which transfers will be confirmed with the particular code;
  • higher security level for you – the notification does not mention that it contains a confirmation code.

When can I block a stolen or lost debit or credit card?

In case you lose the debit or credit card issued by ProCredit Bank, please contact us as soon as possible. Blocking of a bank card is possible at any time of the day, through your ProB@nking (chose Cards from the menu) or the automatic services of the Contact Center.

How do I connect to the Contact Centre from abroad?

To reach Contact Centre from abroad you need to dial +30 2316008840 or +30 2316008841
Please be aware that additional charges may apply depending on your location and the roaming operator. The call will be charged as an international call to Greece from your current location.