EcoMobility Loan

Why invest in eMobility?

The advantages of an electric car:

  • without annual local tax, registration fee, presumption and luxury living tax, as well as road tax (due to zero CO2 emissions)
  • the average mileage on a single charge is 280 km for new electric cars in the middle price range of up to 35 000 EUR and with a battery power of 45 kWh
  • no carbon emissions when driving
  • standard battery charging time between 4 - 8 hours, on a fast charging station - between 20 - 40 minutes
  • lower cost for servicing than a conventional car

Advantages of purchasing a car with a bank loan compared to leasing for an electric vehicle:

  • direct ownership of the asset - no need for power of attorney from the owner
  • freedom in choosing the car insurance company
  • one-time transfer of ownership of the asset

EcoMobility loan also allows financing for used electric vehicle, which has been initially registered less than 3 years ago and has been driven for less than 50 000 kilometers.

The investment is suitable for private individuals as well as for different types of businesses.


For Legal entities


legal entities, sole proprietors, freelancers and registered agricultural producers

Loan amount

up to 100% of the value of the purchased car

Loan currency


Loan period

from 6 months up to 7 years

Loan fees

according to the bank`s price list for legal entities

Interest rate

Floating interest rate 2.00% + 3-month EURIBOR + Law 128/75 levy

  • pledge on the vehicle
  • co-debtor or another form of collateral upon the bank’s request