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EcoMobility Loan

EcoMobility Loan

No more excuses not to drive an electric car

  • Floating interest rate 2.00% + 3-month EURIBOR + Law 128/75 levy
  • EUR 100 application fee
  • completely online process

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Loan Installment Calculator

25000.00 EUR
2500.00 EUR 50000.00 EUR
84 months
6 months 84 months

Monthly installment 0 EUR / month

Total amount due 0 EUR

Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) 0 %

APRC 0 %

Interest rate 6.54 %

*Annual percentage rate of charge

Request consideration fee 100.00 EUR
Monthly account service fee 5.00 EUR

Loan Application Process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

It is important for us to understand more about the financing you are seeking in order to make you an offer.

2. We will give you a call

Expect a call from our team.

3. Contract signature

The signing of the loan contracts is done at PCB Thessaloniki branch

4. Loan amount utilization

The loan will be disbursed into your ProCredit Bank account within 24 hours of contract signing.


Loan Advantages

Loan Advantages

Why should you buy an electric car?


  •   no annual local car tax
  •   no carbon emissions when driving
  •   low service costs


You can now travel all over the Balkans only by an electric car!

Electric vehicle drivers in Southeast Europe can now use a newly developed application to locate EV charging stations installed by ProCredit banks. The stations are already more than 270 and available in publicly accessible locations.


Our clients about us

For a long time I avoided buying an electric car, because I thought that the conditions for buying in Greece were not good enough. However, ProCredit showed me the opposite. Literally in three days, I got approval and was able to buy my dream car.

Sofia Giannoulaki


I drive an electric car bought with the help of the bank. It’s particularly valuable to me that they have a network of charging stations and with one click in the ProCredit Charging stations app I can see where to charge my car.

Christos Sourmelidis


Frequently asked questions

We finance the purchase of fully electric cars. They can be new or used. If used, the date of first registration must be less than 3 years ago and a maximum of 50,000 km driven.

As with other loans for private individuals, anyone with Greek citizenship (permanent residence), a regular income, regularly paid their taxes and have a clean credit history can apply for an Ecomobility loan.

We need an offer for the purchase of an electric vehicle.