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Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan

Consumer loans for private clients up to EUR 50,000

Consumer and investment loans are the ideal solution for the purchase of a motor vehicle, renovation and furnishing, personal needs or refinancing.

  • interest rate of 8.60%* (8.00% + 0.60% levy of Law 128/75) 
  • Repayment period up to 10 years
  • Fully online process
  • Quick response

        *This interest rate is valid with salary transfer and investment purpose.

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Consumer Loan Installment Calculator

25000.00 EUR
10000.00 EUR 50000.00 EUR
72 months
6 months 120 months

Monthly installment 0 EUR / month

Total amount due 0 EUR

Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) 0 %

APRC 0 %

Interest rate 8.60 %

*Annual percentage rate of charge

Request consideration fee 100.00 EUR
Monthly account service fee 5.00 EUR

Consumer Loan Application Process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

It is important for us to understand more about the financing you are seeking in order to make you an offer.

2. We will give you a call

Expect a call from our team.

3. Contract signature

The signing of the loan contracts is done at PCB Thessaloniki branch

4. Loan amount utilization

The loan will be disbursed into your ProCredit Bank account within 24 hours of contract signing.


Consumer Loan Advantages

Loan Advantages

What do we finance with a consumer loan?

With a consumer loan we can finance the Installation for net metering, buying a motor vehicle, home renovation, education, medical treatment, refinancing your debts with another bank as well as other current needs.


Consumer Loan Benefits:


  • Clear and transparent terms and conditions


  • Financing of up to EUR 50,000 over a period of up to 10 years


  • Equal monthly instalments 


  • Fast process


Our clients about us

Friendly and competent service during and after the loan approval/disbursement stage. The process is easy, saves signing loads of paper documents and hours of waiting in queues in banks.

Marina Sterianou


I was impressed by the personal touch and attention to detail. The terms and conditions are clear, there are no hidden charges. I get my salary paid into the bank and my loan is automatically paid without me having to worry about keeping track of payments.

Kostantinos Theodoropoulos


I have recommended you to others because you offer excellent conditions, as well as straightforward service, a personal touch and speed.

Eleni Avgena


Frequently asked questions

The loan application process is fast and easy. You fill in the contact form on the website. You will receive a phone call from our team to clarify all matters relating to the loan.

In order to apply for a loan from ProCredit Bank, you must be a Greek citizen with permanent residence in Greece and must have a valid ID document. It is important that you have a regular and verifiable income, pay your health, social security and taxes in Greece, and have a good credit history. When you apply for a loan, we usually take into account the income of your entire household, which improves your chances of approval.

Our terms and conditions are transparent and clear. There is only one fee associated with the investment loan, EUR 100 is payable in advance.

We do not require any insurance for the loan.

The loan is repaid in monthly instalments automatically from your salary account on the agreed in advance date.


1.00% when the outstanding loan term is more than 1 year.

0.50% when the outstanding loan term is less than 1 year.