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Loan for charging stations for electric vehicle

Loan for charging stations for electric vehicle

ProCredit Bank offers financing for the purchase of charging station for an electric car. Discover with us the benefits of electromobility, the most sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility option. Learn more about our charging station financing options!

Our loan offer is:

  • Loan term up to 7 years
  • Minimum loan amount EUR 2.500
  • Up to 100% financing of the investment, including costs for permits, materials and labor
  • Floating interest rate 2.00% + 3-month EURIBOR + Law 128/75 levy

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Loan Installment Calculator

15000.00 EUR
2500.00 EUR 50000.00 EUR
84 months
6 months 84 months

Monthly installment 0 EUR / month

Total amount due 0 EUR

Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) 0 %

APRC 0 %

Interest rate 6.50 %

*Annual percentage rate of charge

Creditworthiness assessment fee fixed 100.00 EUR
Monthly account service fee 5.00 EUR

Loan Application Process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

It is important for us to understand more about the financing you are seeking in order to make you an offer.

2. We will give you a call

Expect a call from our team.


3. Contract signature

The signing of the loan contracts is done at PCB Thessaloniki branch.

4. Loan amount utilization

The loan will be disbursed into your ProCredit Bank account within 24 hours of contract signing.


Loan Advantages

Loan Advantages

Why invest in your own charging station?


  • When charging on a shuko socket, a range of 200 km (30 kWh) is charged in 12 hours (2.5 kW/h). With a 22 kW charging station, the charging will happen in 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Permanent free access to the charging station.
  • Ability to charge undisturbed at night.
  • Reduction in charging costs compared to 3rd party stations.
  • Potential revenue when providing access for external users.

Frequently asked questions

The financing is intended for all those who wish to have their own charging station - owners of a property, garage, for their own use or for rent. Also for installing a charging station for investment purpose of connecting it with a charging station operator. They can be individuals or legal entities.

More steps are required to install a charging station: opinion on available power capacity, designing and confirmation for cable route, connecting a new lot or increasing power according to current or new control panel, electric meter, fuse, cable route according to the length of the panel and power, costs for labor. All of these can be part of the loan.

ProCredit Bank offers the first specialized loan under preferential conditions for the purchase and installation of a charging station for electric vehicles. Until now, in the market for this type of investment, customers relied on consumer or standard investment credit.

It is necessary that the investor has received an offer for the station they have chosen, as well as an offer for the associated costs. The The purchase of the station and installation may have already been carried out, in which case it is necessary to prove them with cost-justifying documents such as a contract, invoice or receipt.


The process is entirely digital, the minimum loan amount is lower than the standard for an investment loan. Review and approval of the loan request is fast, with confirmation of the appropriateness of the investment.

Yes, a relevant subsidy is available only for private individuals. Along with the application for a subsidy for an electric vehicle, you can apply for a subsidy of up to EUR 500 for the purchase of a "smart" home recharging station (charging station). This subsidy is valid only for the purchase of the charger excluding the installation costs and only if it is combined with the purchase of an electric vehicle. The private individual cannot apply separately only for a charger. More information on the approval process of the eligible chargers can be found on the website of the subsidy here.